Fencing, fencing, and more fencing. 150 miles of it is a lot of fence. Some of it sheep wire (someone I know is apparently allergic to sheep and not fond of the fence either, him and the antelope). Some is page wire, some bottom strands are two-stand smooth wire to facilitate the antelope ducking under it, lots of it was elk-broken.

While we were at the south end fencing Blue snuck into Montana but didn’t draw any attention from those black helicopters I’ve been hearing about. I was a little apprehensive even sticking my hand and hammer through the wire to staple on the other side of the border.

One day I saw a fire that worried me enough I drove down to the border crossing and talked to one of the guards on the Canadian side. Nice guy with his hand on his gun the whole time. But I could tell it was on the American side and then heard they still burn their stubble there, a real no-no! where we live.

Pretty sure I ran over the tail of a small to medium size snake but I didn’t go back to look. Thought it was a big gartner snake but thinking about it later I think it was one of those racers. He wasn’t moving very fast but it was getting chilly on the way back to cow amp at 7:00 pm that day. Snakes move a lot slower in the cold. Besides, he was probably as surprised to see me as I was him.

I learned that snake dens are called hibernaculum and apparently we have a yellow bellied racer and a rattlesnake one not too far from cow camp where we are living right now.

Been studying up on wild life.

Thought I could use the lines on my hand to tell the difference in track sizes between wolves, cougars, and coyotes; and moose, muley and white-tail deer, and antelope. Tracks are an important and interesting part of a cowboy’s life and I’ve been seeing lots of them this week.

It sure enough is pretty but some of the country looks like we’d be better off riding mules. My cowboy will think his whole life a disappointment if he doesn’t get to own a mule once. I keep telling him he’s got me. 😉

7 responses to “Fencing

  1. LOL Love the measuring “stick/hand”! Bet it’s still a bit nippy u there, down here in SE Texas, we’re already in the 80’s…..and humidity is high…..did I mention the humidity? Talk about bad hair days!

  2. Wow you are close to the border! I didnt realise that. Sounds like you are right where you belong though . Old Blue best mind his P’s and Q’s ! and Stay on home soil

  3. Wow didn’t realize you were that far south! Are you in the Milk River Range area? We live close to the border too, (10 km) and often see the smoke from the stubble burns. Chokes up the air here!

  4. I’ve read that mules make good guard animals, too. So if you see a good deal, maybe a mule would be a good purchase?
    Have you ever eaten elk or are they protected?
    Some people never learn not to burn. Sad and scary. Blessings to you both.

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