2nd Week: We’ve Got Cows, Julia

A line from the movie: Twister, but we did get three herds in. They are going out onto the tame grass (mostly crested wheat but some is wild rye grass).  It is meant to start on earlier in the spring so we can save the real good native grass till it has gained more strength.

I’ve learned more about grass from the range agrologist  that has been out. They want the mid length grasses like needle and thread and the wheat grasses. The little blue gramma grass and June grass have shallower roots so the aren’t as drought tolerant and rainfall isn’t abundant in this area; drought isn’t uncommon. Mid grasses have deeper roots. One of the members mentioned how further west, in rough fescue territory, the needle and thread is about the equivalent of blue gramma here.

I liked the member’s dad who told me that. They have a Welsh sounding last name. And I liked how calm they were with their cattle. They brought in 20 first calf heifers with their herd and wanted them in a separate pen to mother up. We thought maybe we should move them to their first pasture separate too which turned out to be a really good decision. The cows were a little crazier to move and those heifer’s calves would have suffered. As it was the heifers moved so sweetly and their little calves with them, a good first experience going out on pasture here.

We picked up our first young injured bull this past week. He knew we were there to help and just walked onto the trailer with only a suggestion from my cowboy. Even though his foot was swollen my cowboy figured it was more of a shoulder injury but we treated him with Oxy just in case there was a touch of foot rot too. He’s headed home to the nice girl who owns him and she’ll bring out a replacement for him. Her grandma died this week so it’ll be after the funeral and all but he’s is a nice safe pen with lots of grass and water for now.

I found out how bad I am at counting cows off liners. Not going to do that again. I took over the job of talking to people so they wouldn’t distract my cowboy when he was counting and that worked a lot better.

Blue helped move a couple of the herds, not too far, not too many, and was totally in his glory. He’s getting pretty deaf and wasn’t any help getting them out of the corral. But then he’s never been a close working dog. He shines with big herds in big spaces, or did. I think he’s 98 in dog years. Hope I’m as good when I’m that age and as happy to work. He was kind to one of the member’s little boys who came with his dad to drop off their cattle. He’s such a good dog.

I rode poor old Pic everyday but he was just happy too and Trouper and Wilbur, all of us in our element. It feels so good to be home on the range again. We got cows😃.


6 responses to “2nd Week: We’ve Got Cows, Julia

  1. LOL I got it right away! Just saw “Twister” not too long ago. Glad things are working out for you guys up there.

  2. I’m glad you’re back outdoors with the cows – very nice to hear.

  3. Congratulations. God bless and have a Happy Mother’s Day, whenever you celebrate it in Canada!

  4. It makes me happy just to read your posts, it beams with your happiness.

  5. Makes my heart happy that you are back in your element again!
    Is there any chance you will get Gus back?

    • He’s awful happy where he is and that’s good enough for me. Blue still thinks he’s such a cow dog (till a cow chases him and he runs and hides behind my horse, lol) were all just having fun.

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