Meet Pete

Our 3 good horses just aren’t enough for the two of us. Pic is so willing but he’s looking a little thin from all the riding.

So we bought me a new horse, grey (well white now), cheap, old, and not really pretty but he’ll spell off old Pic. Plus it’s hard to ride out on two horses and leave one behind alone.

Hoping we like each other. First ride tomorrow. I have to let you know how that goes (and remember to include some photos) on the weekend when we’re back in town. Oh ya, and his name is Pete.


6 responses to “Meet Pete

  1. Pete, sounds like a good horse name. Id borrow you one of mine for the summer but they are girls 🙂

  2. Sure hope Pete works out for you!

  3. Do you work week ends? How far are you from town?

  4. Congratulations. A blessed week to you all!

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