GermAns Don’t Like Dying in Vells

Good grief when days go bad they go really bad.

Somebody called while we were just waking up. I couldn’t reach the phone in time and of course they didn’t leave a message. People like that really annoy me.

I voted for checking cows but no my cowboy wanted to finishing fixing fence so we could move a herd we planned to move today. No fencing pliers. Looked and looked and after deciding we might as well check cows we found them right where he had put them and his hammer in the back of the truck.

Then we discover that the only well for one of the herds quit and faced with a bunch of thirsty complaining cows we had no option but to move them all to a field with a dugout.

Then we found an all too healthy calf with a big growth on his neck and do you think all three of us (Blue who was worse than in the way included) could catch the little rotter? No.

It looked like it would rain (which we desperately need) but no luck there either.

My only happy the thought all day was my favorite line from Malcolm in the Middle involving wells. “Germans don’t like dying in Vells.” That always makes me laugh for some reason.



2 responses to “GermAns Don’t Like Dying in Vells

  1. You look so happy in that picture.

  2. Loving that smile!!!

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