60 is the new 6

Pay day and we frivoled away some money at Walmart. While we were at the till it occurred to us that what we were paying for looked like we were buying for a 6 year old (that would be me) IMG_7973.JPGsidewalk chalk: been wanting some for a long time. Gonna have some fun in town with that.

IMG_7978.JPG New pjs: couldn’t resist when the dog looked so much like Blue.

IMG_7972.JPGnew shoes: like my favorites when I was a kid and on sale for $9

IMG_7977.JPGand these were just crazy cute soap dispensers that smell like . . . well, bananas, of course.

Life is better than good. It’s fun.

3 responses to “60 is the new 6

  1. Minions. You have minions. :o)

  2. Happy, happy, happy for you and the little girl in you, we all should have some of that.

  3. Yay!
    I do love those little guys.
    God bless. ♥

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