Bulls and Lizzards and Snakes, Oh My!

Here it is the weekend and we’re back to being city slickers. The best part about that is the long luxurious bath I have immediately after stepping through the door. I feel like all I do for the week is spit wash. But the cows snakes and lizzards don’t seem to mind. 

It’s been a week full of all of them. Really wish I had remembered to take my camera. 

So the snakes are plentiful and I may be the only one who really felt sorry for a juvenile yellow bellied racer. A member came and sprayed the yard for weeds and made one poor guy sick. He just hung out with his head tucked under the door of the pump house. Not even a few annoying pebbles thrown at him made him move much, which was kind of good. I did throw a rock at a little one and it creeped me out how he slithered off with his head in the air. 

Nearly stepped on a 3 foot long rattler when I was getting out of the truck in the yard but he was already trying to move away and I let him so we got along just fine. 

But those tiny horned lizzards are almost cute. They are only about 2 or 3 inches long. Saw 2 of them down in the badlands when we were trying to get to some fence to check it. 

While we were down there, Pic stepped into a bog while I was concentrating on  looking at the fence and we both went down. He sunk way down then fell over on my left leg and I was worried about hanging up in the stirrup or getting trampled as he struggled to get out but it turned out ok. We were both shook up and I thought he was hurt so I struggled on foot with him in tow up the narrow long trail to the top. By the time I got back up to the real world I realized that he was fine and it was him who thought I was hurt. He was being so extra careful not to step on me or knock me off the steep trail ( it was a long way down). Bless his heart. I rode him from there back to cow camp and gave him the rest of the week off. 

We found 2 bulls with broken penises ( that’s gotta hurt); one took us a couple of hours and some hard riding to convince him to load onto the trailer so we could send him home. Good thing he wasn’t mean, just didn’t want to face his future . . . or lack of it, I guess. 


2 responses to “Bulls and Lizzards and Snakes, Oh My!

  1. Glad you weren’t hurt, sounds like life is pretty wonderful for you , sorry to have been so absent ,but it has been fun catching up!

  2. Tough life but you are loving it!

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