Fear and Fire

I’m not sure but I think it’s natural for women to be more afraid than men. Or maybe it’s just me.

Is been a rather frightening night and I’m sitting cold and wet by the light of one small tea light in the glamper because the power is out.

The thunderstorm was scary given how dry the grass has been, here especially. I wanted the horses handy in case we needed to evacuate. While I was out the heavens opened and deluged us with rain. Not sure how much but enough to give me a really good soaking and luckily no fires.

But I can’t sleep and it’s past 3:00 am. The experience was good, in a way, as I can see improvements for my fire protocol.

Thinks I learned:
1. Horses do not come like they normal do for oats at night; plan on chasing them into the corral.
2. A head lamp is the best kind of flashlight since its hands free and with horses one needs both hands free.
3. Don’t count on the power for light.
4.. Don’t get lazy; always park the truck/trailer for a fast get away not where it might get stuck in the mud.
5. Fires can happen at night when your not thinking your clearest.
6. Practice your evacuation plan.


One response to “Fear and Fire

  1. Know how that goes. We had a storm go thru a couple of years ago and had 11 fires surrounding us. Ended up burning about a million acres and lost about 500 head of cattle, no to count the deer and elk that were lost. I learned to put the horses in the corral when thing got bad and to keep the trailer hooked up. You don’t want to be chasing horses around when you need to get out in a hurry.

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