Yellow-Bellied Racer

Note: this is a poor old bull snake. I thought it was a yellow bellied racer never having seen a bull snake this close. By the time I see them they are always headed for the hills. IMG_7988.JPG
The Racers are supposed to look more like rattlers when they are younger. I doubt I’ll ever get a picture of a live one since they are so fast on the get-away.

This poor soul (I know, yes I’m feeling sorry for a snake) perpetrated his own death trying to crawl into a hole in a door and got stuck. In trying to pull him out his tail broke off. Not sure how to get him out. I might just have to cut part of him off and leave his head in there



Not sure if you can see, but no rattles and much darker than a ratter. Bull snakes can be mistaken for rattlers sometimes and I have heard they even will shake their tales under dry leaves to sound like one although I’ve sure never seen that happen.


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