I like Mondays, it always feels like a brand new week, a clean white page on which to write a new story. Such a hopeful day, Monday.

Everything started out so sweet. We had bulls to gather and we did, 3 gentlemen. Really nice bulls in a good herd with the fattest calves here. The calves are so fat their bellies remind me of a bowl full of jello when they run and buck and play.

But then there was the black purebreds, the headache herd.
So this lovely Monday afternoon we were down by the flowing well trying to fix some fence this herd had gotten through in a low spot and what do we find. Supposedly all the heifers and cows were bred but two bulls found their way into the bunch I’m guessing because they weren’t all bred.

Of all the days, when we get back to the yard who is here unannounced, again? the very owners of this herd. So now we have explaining to do, fence to fix, then bulls to round up and my cowboy’s crabby and I’m feeling a little beat up.

And it started out such a nice Monday.




One response to “Mondays

  1. I love reading your blog – your way of writing always puts me in mind of my family’s women (Yes, all Alberta gals), how they talk, the way they go about their tasks, how they think & operate. How they know & appreciate everything they have.

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