We all have secrets. Want to here one of mine?

I don’t believe in tattoos. I’m horrified by the permanence of them and having read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich when I was about thirteen and how they discovered lampshades made by the Natzis out of human tattooed skin I determined never to get one. That part is no secret (ask my kids).

That being said, I am fascinated by those tatoo shows on TV and I’ve always drawn on my skin with pen (but pen washes off, right).

So I talked my cowboy into letting me draw on him, over the scar he got on his arm when he was up north. It’s big and he hates it.

I thought I could make it cute. What do you think?



4 responses to “Tatoo

  1. It is cute! I always try to draw on Neils arm and sometimes he lets me sometimes not….it never turns out that cute though.

  2. I think you succeeded. It is cute, and I can’t tell there is a scar.
    Hope you all have a blessed weekend. ♥

  3. It is cute, but what is it? I don’t like tattoos ether and my husband has several of them. I don’t notice them much any more.

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