Town days

I could never have imagined in a million years how I could ever like living in town (or trees) but this town place we have right now is so cute. I always wanted a front porch, the kind with a roof not just a cheap old deck. And that’s exactly what I have and where I spend most of my time when we are in town. IMG_8515.JPGAnd how is it that the only bug around is this one crazy bee who comes to visit and sometimes chases me in the house. But she’s a bee and without bees there are no flowers, fruit, or honey.

Blue and I both love being outside and we got him this new fancy bed that he will only sleep on if it’s right at my feet, faithful old dog.

But it’s back to my prairie today and to Pic, my horse, and Lilly, my cat, who gives the best hugs ever. I am so blessed.


3 responses to “Town days

  1. Does Blue like the actor are they even friendly yet?

  2. Time changes everything.

  3. A shaded porch with a cool breeze, curled up on a swing with a book & a cup of tea…….. rare moment of bliss.

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