IMG_8585.JPG Found this guy (not one of ours) pacing the fence by one of our herds. He must have walked quite a few miles to find them too, not a good sign. There must have been a cow bulling in that herd for him to have followed his nose there. Luckily he was respectful of the fence and hadn’t jumped in with her (yet).

He had to go. Since he refused to jump in the stock trailer my cowboy drove our truck and trailer to a small corral and Pic and I had to move him another 4 miles to get him there then load him in the trailer. (Sigh) Bulls just seem to be my lot in life.

IMG_8677.JPG but at least he’s outta there.

We hauled him to Cow Camp where he is waiting for his owner to pick him up. Keep your fingers crossed that when he gets home he doesn’t head right back again. Heaven help him. I was patient this time but if he comes back he’ll find out he shouldn’t mess with a Welshman’s daughter.


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