Moving Black Cows

IMG_8623.JPGWe moved the headache herd this week. There was a road (of sorts) to follow but no they go the hard way through the rocks and up the hill.

It’s really not their fault. They have never been in these pastures before and it must seam easier to follow the leader than think it through yourself. (maybe we are more like cows than we think). It wasn’t a real easy move for just my cowboy and I because of the rough terrain.

It could have been a lot longer move but when we found most of them, they were close to the gate that went down the hill, over the almost nonexistent river, and up the other side. We left them in a smaller field around cowcamp till we could get them all, then we invited our other kids (the ones we just wished we had born and raised; they are so good to us) to help us move them from there to the good water in their new field. They must love us, it was almost a four hour drive for them all to come help.

IMG_8696.JPG We’ve been waiting for news of a baby coming for this young couple and we were so excited to hear one is on its way in January. It made my heart melt to know this new little person will be sleeping in the same little cradle my babies slept in and his or her (we don’t know which yet) clothes will be housed in the little dresser I used as a child.

IMG_8698.JPG and these are two girls I just love. The one calls us mom and dad and grandpa and grandma to her two little girls. We’ve known and rode with them both since before they were old married ladies. They are all good hands which made a hard move easy-peazy.

It’ was a real pretty ride on a cool but pretty day in a pretty field by this almost non-existant or lost river in a glacial melt caused valley with people I love.

Life is good.


One response to “Moving Black Cows

  1. Nice to have good help! Looks like it was a bit cold- we have been scorching all summer so it looks odd to me to see coats and gloves and toques!

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