Muley Holiday

Ever wished you could change your name? I sure have, for my whole life. 

I don’t know who out there likes their name but I never have. My mother picked it out, not me. No imagination, my Mom, it was the same first name that was in the top ten most popular names for about ten years around the time I was born. Seems like everyone I know has my name. It pretty much dates me now and dates me as old. Don’t even have to see me to know when I was born, give or take 5 years. 

When I was little, I thought it should have been Aurora (as in Borealis). Well, I grew out of that early on but I’ve been looking for a better name ever since. Finally found one. My husband always wanted a mule. I keep telling him he’s always had one. . .  So now he calls me Muley and that suits me just fine. I added the Holiday. 

Seems like I’m on one continual holiday right now. I holiday (even in a holiday trailer) during the work week and then go into the city and holiday all weekend out of the condo. 

Besides, someone might ask me if I was related to Doc Holiday and I could have fun telling them: “for sure”. 

So from now on just call me Muley and I’ll give you a big old smile back. 



One response to “Muley Holiday

  1. Yes indeed! My name dates me too and I never really liked it.

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