IMG_8616.JPG What a blessing to be together a horseback. I knew I could never marry a man who didn’t like horses. There were one or two I considered (with more money or better looking than my cowboy) but we didn’t have that most of important things in common. And it’s made all the difference in the world to our marriage.

There has never been any arguments about whether or not our money should be spent on a saddle or new boots or a prettier bridle. Horse sales and events, we’ve always gone together, sat together.

We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together with few exceptions. We work together, sleep together, eat together, pray together, go to church together. Apart, we are just wrecks: I have no anchor and he has no wings. We are so much happier, confident and productive when we are together.


One response to “Together

  1. You wrote:
    “Apart, I have no anchor & he has no wings.”

    Having been married more than 1/4 century myself, I can appreciate the deepest, truest meaning of your statement. A happy marriage is a joyous reward, achievable for those who put in the effort.
    I’m happy for you & your Cowboy.

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