Super Trouper

IMG_8675.JPGMr. Shadey Trouper is the quarter horse registry name of the little flea bitten grey standing next to my old Pic horse. We call him Super Trouper. He’s a character, all cow horse, and way more cable than his 15 hands would indicate.

I always say if a cow could climb a tree or go down a badger hole, Trouper would go there right after them. It takes a brave soul to ride him. He will go paces and do things that scare me.

And my cowboy is the only one that can get his hanger/head stall on him. Every one thinks they’d like a ranch horse to ride but I’m here to tell you that the really good ones, the average person probably could get a saddle on them or in Trouper’s case, a bridle.

I’ve seen my cowboy brush ice off his back, throw the saddle on and go out in a blizzard to rescue a newborn calf without complaint from this little horse. On the other hand don’t start swearing and being a jerk or he’ll buck your butt off.

He’s smart too. He made Pic his buddy because Pic gets spoiled a little and then he does too. I’m just glad Pic has a friend (only one I know of, besides me, that is. )

My cowboy figures I’ll die first (he said so he could always take care of me) and one day he just said to me: “When you come for me, bring Trouper.” I knew right off what he meant and I will.



One response to “Super Trouper

  1. I get exactly what you mean.

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