No that’s not some technical jargon, it’s a pretty word for an argument. Lest you ever think living with a cowboy is all roses I’m here to say Tiffs are not that uncommon.

We both have good ideas and bad ideas. A bad idea is what makes it harder for me (in my books) and vice versa for him.

Like the day we were hunting for a missing bull and I said I think we should go this way and he insisted we go the other. In our circuitous route (of four hours) back to the stock trailer we found him not a hundred feet from where we started, in the direction I suggested. He asked: “how’d you know?” I didn’t even answer him.

But then, the other day we were moving cows and I was quite put out to think he was insisting on doing it the hard way, yet again. It was really hot that day by the time we were done and I was plumb crabby. Then we checked our rotation plan when we got back to cow camp and I realized if we had done it my way we would have missed using a field.



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