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My Last Day


But I somehow knew it would be my last day.  

  I rode Wilbur. 

  He sure is big. 

  And pretty and so was the day, as pretty a fall day as I can ever remember. 

  Moved a herd. 

  Then checked another. My butt was sore by the end. I didn’t mind. I ‘ve had the one nice summer I pleaded God for. I Love the Lord for his goodness to me and for the trials he blesses me with. 

But the truth is I’ve been diagnosed with a nasty cancer, chemo and radiation to begin next month. 

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about a place to keep old Pic. He’s safe in his pasture in the up-yonder. Just Blue and me now and Lilly the barn cat. 

So I’m thinking sad stories aren’t much fun which makes me think I’ll just leave my blog at that. If I make it to the other side of the cancer I might come back here. If I don’t look for me in the clouds. I plan on asking if I can have a job doing cloud sculptures on the other side. 

Love ya, all

Muley Etta Holiday


I was stuck in town all week thanks to a couple of appointments but I was able to get some organizing, furniture moving type stuff done. Since April we have been here so few days we are almost not even moved in. 

Finally got our bedroom suite here (it’s been in the storage locker trapped in the back behind a bunch of stuff) and our clothes off the floor, much nicer. 

We got the set for my cowboy’s 24th birthday so it’s old. Solid wood,  

 like they hardly make anymore. Feels  lots more like home now, even living in town. 

Maple Creek

Well that sale was an eye opener. A couple of years ago $5,000 dollars (Canadian) would have bought the kind of horse I wanted at this sale.  Today in Maple Creek Saskatchewan at the Cypress Hills Breeders Horse Sale it was $15,000 to $20,000. Ouch!

They hold the sale in the old Drill Hall. The structure of the building itself always fascinates me. It makes an awesome arena type building, all made of wood. 

 They have a preview outside in the rodeo arena next door so you can see the horses on cattle, team or ranch roping. (Forgot my phone to take pictures of that part.) but was a really pretty fall day. Not too hot or cold. 
 It was the 39 th year in a row for the sale, the oldest continuous breeders sale in Canada, according to the auctioneer.   
Blue spent most of the time trying to make friends with every single person that got even remotely close to him and the rest with Crystal petting or teasing him. 

She’s such a good friend and really fun to have around. We haven’t gone together every year to this sale but a lot of the years. 

Oh and I have a wonderful picture of my cowboy picking his nose, lol, which he begged me not to include on my blog so I haven’t. But it sure gave Crystal and I an excuse for another good laugh. 

What a fun day. 



Sometimes on the prairie, your horse is your only shade.  

 I kind of like waiting when I can lay on the prairie in the shade. 

Am I Ok?

Love you for asking Ellie. 

Anyone that’s followed my blog for a while knows how much I love the prairie, how not being there is kind of hard on me, and hopefully how thankful I’ve been for this beautiful summer. 

It’s a little empty out there without my old Pic horse. The season’s end is only a few weeks away now.  I’m feeling a little tired so maybe that’s a good thing. But fall is my favorite time of the year and I’m going to enjoy everyday.  


360 Degrees

Remember that song by the Dixie Chicks that said something about: Cowboy take me away into the wild blue? I always liked that song and now that’s exactly where I am.

Click here


IMG_8729.JPGsuch a hopeful saying, one of my favorites when life feels hard.


IMG_8774.JPGCan you see the rock splash? We were checking to see how much water before we turned cows into the field. It looks big but it was iffy how long it would last with the cows we planned to move there. Luckily we found a much better water source not too far away.

It’s all a big learning experience for us. It takes a while to figure out all the water and gates on over 40,000 acres.

Through the Gate

IMG_8769.JPGIt’s always such a happy event for cattle to go through a gate. You can almost hear them shrieking: “fresh grass!!!!” Pic and I won’t be watching that together again till I go through my own Gate. Sure hope he’s there waiting for me when I arrive.

Last Minutes

Had to to take a break today.

IMG_8760.JPGThis is a picture of my last minutes with Pic. Not sure what it was exactly, other than just plain old age, but he was sick and I made the heart wrenching decision to do what was best for him.

It’s been a 17 year long friendship. We’ve done so much together. He’s had my life in his hands too often to count and always taken care of me, and so many cows we’ve helped or moved together. How will I ever manage without him?

I can say about him the best that can be said of any horse, that he was a cowhorse. To live a life of true partnership with an old cowgirl in service to the humble cow is a life well lived.

If the doors to Heaven are opened based on the service you have done for others then I know that Pic will qualify for entrance there. I’m sure God, Himself, was waiting at the gate to welcome my old cowhorse home.