Maple Creek

Well that sale was an eye opener. A couple of years ago $5,000 dollars (Canadian) would have bought the kind of horse I wanted at this sale.  Today in Maple Creek Saskatchewan at the Cypress Hills Breeders Horse Sale it was $15,000 to $20,000. Ouch!

They hold the sale in the old Drill Hall. The structure of the building itself always fascinates me. It makes an awesome arena type building, all made of wood. 

 They have a preview outside in the rodeo arena next door so you can see the horses on cattle, team or ranch roping. (Forgot my phone to take pictures of that part.) but was a really pretty fall day. Not too hot or cold. 
 It was the 39 th year in a row for the sale, the oldest continuous breeders sale in Canada, according to the auctioneer.   
Blue spent most of the time trying to make friends with every single person that got even remotely close to him and the rest with Crystal petting or teasing him. 

She’s such a good friend and really fun to have around. We haven’t gone together every year to this sale but a lot of the years. 

Oh and I have a wonderful picture of my cowboy picking his nose, lol, which he begged me not to include on my blog so I haven’t. But it sure gave Crystal and I an excuse for another good laugh. 

What a fun day. 



One response to “Maple Creek

  1. That is a lot of money for ranch horses! But interesting that the prices are high even with the hay shortage. I agree, it’s always fun to have Crystal around. 🙂

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