Day 2 of Ponderizing

Still thinking about my relationship to the Good Shepherd. I herd a true story about sheep once back in the 80’s that I never forgot. 

This fellow was in morocco on some govt. business and was, along with some others in the delegation, invited to drive out thru the dessert to look at some ruins. He was traveling in the 3rd of 5 limos and lagging behind the second one by quite a bit. As the car he was in topped a hill he could see the 2nd Limo pulled over? The driver was talking to an man with a small herd of 10-15 sheep. He sensed there had been an accident and had the driver pull over. His driver explained to him that the limo driver ahead of them had stuck one of the man’s lambs and because of the law of the land was being offered 100 times the value of the sheep at maturity. But he wouldn’t take it. The catch was that he would have give up the sheep and it would be slaughtered. When the fellow asked why he wouldn’t take so much money the driver said: because of the love he has for the lamb. Then this fellow watched the man pick up the lamb, tuck it in the folds of his long robe, and pat its head saying the same word over and over. When the fellow asked what the word meant he was told it was the name of the lamb. 

That’s the first I ever knew what real shepherds were like, the first I began to understand the Good Shepherd’s love for me. 

2 responses to “Day 2 of Ponderizing

  1. Beautiful story; awe-inspiring message.

  2. His love for us fills His heart to overflowing, and that overflowing is Divine Mercy.

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