So, this post is very personal but I also think I need to leave the message in it here, maybe because it might bennifit someone besides me. 

I’ve been doing some research on cancer and found that, no matter what else is said about it, it has a great deal to do with the compromise of our immune system. 

Our bodies are so miraculous when it comes to fixing itself. A broken bone will heal (without any medical intervention). That just amazes me. 

The immune system is our first line of defense against so many viruses and bacterial infections. It’s like a computer program working in the background, we don’t think about it or maybe even understand what it’s doing but without it doing its little job, the whole system crashes. 

So we need to do everything we possibly can to keep our immune system functioning at its peak which involves all the things we are constantly told: eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid toxins in our environment, including introducing them into our bodies through things like cigarettes and alcohol. 

And they talk about stress and its negative effect on our health. How to avoid stress in our modern world is hard to imagine, even harder to implement. Anger and fear are two really big stresses that also seem to be part of everyday life. 

I think something that doesn’t get the same consideration is the health of our spirits, our souls, whatever you want to call the inside, important, forever part of us. It’s more than our mind and keeping a positive attitude although we know that’s important. It’s even more than what we call our hearts, or our emmotions. 

It’s what we sense about ourselves when we are still. 

I have many of those ‘still’ moments on the prairie so maybe I get to be more aware of that part of me than most people. I think it’s easiest to find it in ourselves when we are surrounded by Nature. I find it pretty difficult in the midst of traffic or TV noise and Internet distractions. 

I believe we have 2 parts: the outside or body, physical, tangible part and the inside or spiritual part. The physical part is pretty earthly, prone to prioritize based on our own needs and wants (self centered, survival oriented) maybe even dangerously so at times. The other part is on a different plane of existence where compassion, self control, selflessness are the it’s core. 

This might sound odd but I think our spiritual part and a physical part are so different that it takes quite a bit to get them working on the same page; our spirit constantly struggling to get our tangible bodies to do the right thing (to be and do good). And maybe that’s why we are really here in the world, to see which one wins, to see if our spirits are strong enough to control our physical part. 

I think health is more than about just the body or physical stuff and that we need a healthy spirit almost more than we need a healthy body (although the relationship is symbiotic, meaning they need each other). How can our spirit win (and it will be so much better for us if it does) if it’s sick? If it’s healthy, anger and fear and all those things that have their roots in the physical world and actually cause the body stress, can be controlled. 

So, the point of all this is that I’m going to work harder to get healthy spiritually hoping that it will lessen the stress part for my poor old body so my immune system can at least avoid those distractions. 


5 responses to “So

  1. Can you get a second or third opinion on the cancer you have? Since I am late to the party, what kind are they saying you have? I had a friend with stage 4 bowel cancer, smoked and drank, and I bought him Essiac via Amazon. He lived and is still living 2 years later, and still a drinking and smoking trucker. It might work for you.

  2. Peace in our hearts and souls is the only way to overcome stress and also our acceptance of our frail bodies. We all want to be 10 ft. tall and bulletproof, but in reality we are nothing but dust in the wind.

  3. Yup. Amen. Praying for you. God bless. ♥

  4. Very well put!

  5. I think you’ve imparted some wisdom to all who read this – you’re on the right path in your thinking for sure. One way or the other, a well fed spirit will always bring you peace.

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