Plan A

This is a little button I used to wear just inside my favorite jacket where I would see it often and be reminded not just of how the Saviour loves me but of how I am to treat others.  I think I’ll start wearing it again. 

And this is a note to me on my memo board. I really think I’ve been distracted by too many plan Bs. 

Fall days are beautiful aren’t they? Fall is my almost favorite, after the heat, bugs, and hard work of summers.  

but my real favorite is the Christmas season, for obvious reasons. It’s a good time to focus on plan A. 

4 responses to “Plan A

  1. Yup keep going with plan A 🙂

  2. I have an acronym I like to refer to sometimes- it’s about JOY and how to achieve it:
    Jesus first.
    Others second.
    Yourself last.
    When you put your priorities in that order, you will find the benefits to yourself are not belittled, but increased.

  3. Love it. God bless.

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