Not Me

I’m just trying to process something. This is what they gave me when I went to a chemo education meeting and what had me desperately searching for any kind of alternative. 

Not sure if you can read this but this is a chemo spill kit containing what I would need if I spilled any of the chemo they would be sending me home with. 

First you put on the gown, mask, goggles  and gloves; use the chemo bio-wipe bag according to instructions to clean up the spill, turn the bag inside out and seal. Put all that in another chemo waste bag with the used mask, gown, gloves, and googles and tie with a metal tie then return to the cancer treatment centre. 

Apparently you can’t spill any on your skin or even on the floor but they want to pump it directly into my heart. Honestly? 

Doesn’t that seem crazy to you? I don’t understand how they have convinced so many people that this is a good idea and done it for the last 40 years. Don’t you wonder how come nothing except earlier detection (so they can start the nightmare sooner) has been discovered in 40 years. Aren’t you even a little suspicious why?

Sorry, but I think maybe people should wake up and be hollering blue murder and putting pressure on the powers that be instead running for the cure or donating any money to put it in the hands of people who aren’t doing anything to actually solve the problem of millions, every year, suffering (including the patient and their families) and dying long, slow deaths. 

Just makes me mad. If this inadequacy is driven by money all I can say is: I hope they know they won’t be using their money to buy a place in Heaven and I suspect their personal Hell will be multiplied millions of times over. 

That’s just one old cowgirl’s view. 


3 responses to “Not Me

  1. It’s often said that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease… & that would maybe be okay if it was for SURE the cure.
    My MIL had cancer 6 times – it was hard to watch her decide what to do each time. Mostly we just felt at the mercy of the doctors & so we decided to put it in God’s hands & trust Him. Still wasn’t easy.

  2. No matter how you look at it, it is a scary thing to have to go through. Our lives are pretty important, and that is the thing you really have to think about! Lots of people that would be devastated if you aren’t in it.

  3. very scary,! I have not posted much but I have been reading, and also keeping you in my prayers my friend

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