I’m not sure to be happy or sad. I’m happy, cause it’s sold but I’m sad, because it’s sold. 

Couldn’t even say how many hours my butt’s been in that saddle for the last 15 or so years. The stories it could tell if it could talk. So many memories. But it’s headed off to a new home and more adventures.

It sure doesn’t owe me any thing. It was worth every penny I spent to buy it. And I’ve loved those tapederos that I wanted my whole life (well since I first saw tapederos on Trigger, those of you old enough will know who that is). 

But the money might save my life. Guess like most mules I’d rather have that than the saddle. 


3 responses to “Happy/Sad

  1. Your saddle is going to have so many adventures! Startling jumps you didn’t know you could clear, times you thought you’d fall but you didn’t, times you hoped you’d stay on but you couldn’t, and times the world was right. It’ll do all that again. I also expect it will bring the *young* cowgirl some luck (at least in her mind). 😉 And of course the goal is this will help you have many more adventures!

  2. Bittersweet! Sending prayers that you fight the good fight and come out victorious!!!

  3. I am old enough to remember Trigger. & Buck & Silver too.
    Your boots look much like mine, except mine are purple where yours are pink.
    I’m sure the purchaser will get a lot of good rides in your saddle & you’ll be putting the $ to its best use.
    God Bless.

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