His Saddle

So, Ive been married to a cowboy for 38 years, some of them good, other not so much. As you go through life together sometimes you really wonder if you love your spouse or if they love you. You get cranky and yes there are days when you fight and not always nice. Some days look like it will be the end that you’ll spend the rest of your life riding alone.

That song of June Carter and Johnny Cash where he sings: “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,” that was us. I won’t go into the details of that but those first few years probably 10 or so were, and I blush saying this, were hotter than a pepper sprout. Oh, my.

Lately, with the hard times we’ve faced I wasn’t sure my cowboy really loved me or ever did. And I wasn’t too fond of him either. Today though, I write this in tears.

You all know I’ve been trying to sell my saddle to get some funds together to get a new cancer treatment that doesn’t involve chemo and radiation. Well, two cowboys came to have a look at that saddle. My cowboy had come to help me catch and saddle our horses with that saddle of mine so the guy with the cash could try it out. He decided he didn’t like it. I was a little desperate to not let that $3500 walk away and looked over at my cowboy and asked: “Would you consider selling your saddle?” I knew this guy would like it better. With out a moments hesitation he went and got it and saddled Trouper with it so the guy could try it. It was bought on the spot. That guy held out his hand and my cowboy shook it. He just stood there and shook it. That saddle that he loved and probably will never be able to replace went out the door and it was me that cried.

I am loved. He is loved. I’ll never ever doubt that again.

It really is true: A true love story never ends.


8 responses to “His Saddle

  1. You have a good man, and he has a wonderful wife! Partners don’t always agree, but the love wins!

  2. Beautiful that he gave without hesitation, and that even though you’ve been feeling unsure, you knew enough that you could ask. You have me in tears.

  3. That makes my heart happy. There’s lots of saddles out there; only one you.

  4. I can barely breath after reading your post… Beautiful.

    Love always wins.

    Its easier to face the difficult times with someone beside you.

    Go forth now with confidence.

  5. Hoped & prayed that Cowboy would remember the stand-up man that he is inside & make his way back to you; but I didn’t want to ask. You need him more than ever right now &, whether he knows it or not, he needs you just as much or more.
    God Bless you BOTH.

  6. Oh Golly – I have been wondering & wanting to know about Cowboy since the last post about him; I prayed that he would remember how much he loves you, that he would find the strength within himself to put you first right now, & that he’d be by your side again.
    I’m so, SO glad to hear that he is back & being the stand up man that I know you need him to be. God Bless you both.

  7. Only one word…WOW.

  8. Awe…he loves you. No doubt! As long as he has you, a saddle can be replaced even if it isn’t the same. You can’t be replaced. God Bless! I hope you get the treatment you need soon! I am glad you are going that route..no more chemicals. You will be healed!

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