By Golly, of all the times to decide to try to go to Europe. Still bent on trying that new treatment for what ails me. 

But I guess I didn’t really understand the magnitude of the refugee problem caused by those terrorists over there. Looks to me like it’s in crisis porportion and they don’t have the luxury of saying whether they let them into their countries or not. They just walk in. 
It’s kind of a crazy world when I actually start liking Putin and Donald Trump (about Obama being either stupid or Evil). 

I realize the following is a montage and clips can be carefully chosen to make a point but some of those clips I have seen the longer versions of and when you watch the whole deal are just as horrifying. 

Anyway here is why, even though it’s a life/death choice for me, I hesitate. Click the word below. 



5 responses to “Refugees

  1. I watched most of that video- couldn’t watch it to the end.What is the treatment you need? There is supposed to be a really good natural treatment cancer clinic in Mexico, maybe that’s an option?

  2. I can’t stand Obama. He is destroying my country and definitely NOT a Christian as he said. You are in my prayers every night. God bless.

  3. And our new prime minister has already said he’s about to let 25000 Syrians into Canada (no, that’s not scary at all)?
    Cowgirl, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    He’s got a plan for you (& us all) though we’re not privy to the details — you are on the right path by trusting in your Lord, our God.

  4. I have to agree with you. If you feel you should go, do it. Follow your heart.
    God Bless you!

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