My Dad

Never underestimate how important the love of a Dad is. 

I think I have survived as long as I have because of this one thing: I knew my Dad loved me. 

Sometimes my tender heart just feels broken by people but my Dad loved me and loves me still, I’m sure. I hang onto that. I feel stronger when I remember that. 

What I wouldn’t give to just hang out with him. Soon maybe. 

I’ve done everything I can think of to come up with the money I need for this cancer treatment that I’m sure would help but I’m just not making it in time and I’m feeling more tired everyday. I can see that soon I’ll be too tired. 

Well, there’s worse things than dying and seeing my folks and family and a couple of old horses and a dog on the other side. I never realy fit here anyway and I’ve wanted to go Home for a long, long time. My Dad loves me and that’s where he is.  

Dad and me and my first horse, Gypsy Lee. 


My dad and his sister. That’s the Welsh flag and they have daffodils in their lapels. It was a 1st of March, St. David’s Day celebration. 



4 responses to “My Dad

  1. Do you have a go fund me account? So many people help on those and the dollars start to count up.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Nice rememberance of your Dad! God Bless!

  3. God loves you, and we love you to and are keeping you in our prayers. Wish I had money, I’d help you to get your cancer treatment.

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