Missing the Range

This living in town has it’s perks I guess but dang . . .

I found this. It helped.

Horseback Religion

Now a cowboy makes his living a horseback,

and most Sundays he’s on the range,

to the preacher and the deacons

this may seem a little strange.

But he doesn’t miss a chance to worship,

just because he’s not in town,

God build the range he works on

and he sees it all around.

When the snow melts in the spring

and the grass starts coming along,

it renews the cowboys spirit,

like night gives way to the dawn.

He looks out over his horses ears,

and watches the sun come up,

God building a new day around him

an it sure fills his cup.

He watches a wild ol range cow

as she licks her new born calf,

that’s God working before his eyes

and beats the city a mile an a half.

There’s wildlife all around him

all following natures course,

no man lives closer to God

than the one who does it on his horse.

Now a cowboys wild and reckless,

he may not stop and count the cost,

but he knows his maker better

than some who thinks he’s lost.

The good cowboy wont mistreat his horse

or let his company down,

he wont lie about what he’s done

but he may jar loose when he is in town,

he will ask the Lord forgiveness

the same as all the rest

then rope his morning horse

and try to do his best.

A top hand will ask no favors,

he takes the good with the bad

and he knows he wont face anything

as tough as his savior has.

He works in constant danger,

and he takes chances everyday,

but the Lord is right there with him

as he shows and lights the way.

I’ve been pinned down under snaky broncs

with no one around to lend a hand,

and come out just scratched and bruised

so I knew God was in command.

Well I’ve watched wild horses running

with an ol mare in the lead,

my throat gets tight an my heart beats fast

as God fills my special need,

You cant stack money high enough

to buy what God has done for me.

When he made me a buckaroo

and sent his Son to set me free,

as I ride across God’s country

with his handy work all in view,

My old Hamley saddle

makes a plumb good cowboy pew.

So as I work cows here on earth,

I am never at a loss,

that I’ll make the final round up,

where Christ is wagon boss.

Ray Fitzgerald

Kokernot 06 Ranch

Fort Davis, Texas

You can’t stack money high enough to pay God for what he’s done for me.

2 responses to “Missing the Range

  1. Love your posts. God bless you! I pray that you are healed!

  2. Really like that video & thankful that you shared it.
    I can’t imagine living in town again. I remember it being a lot less work but not for me if I have a choice, so I think (for you) it must be a little like being kept up in the barnyard instead of allowed to roam the section at will.
    I hope you take whatever chances you get to stay connected with the lifestyle that you love.

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