My Happy Place

My cowboy had these silly boxers that had printed on them: Gone to my Happy Place, Be back Soon. Not sure that’s quite right on underwear but it always made me laugh anyway. 

But I’ve been kind of going to my Happy Place lately. You know, the kind of place where you were so happy that it stuck forever in your memory? 

When I was a kid it was sitting on the cement steps beside my 80 year old friend while he played his little accordion, how much is that doggie in the window, my Bonnie lies over the ocean, and mommy said not to beans in my ears were 3 of my favorites. I remember the details so clear. The garden-soil filled lines in his thumb that was stuck through the strap, his big brown boots tapping out, the rythm, the few gray hairs on the top of his head. He loved me, Mr. Larsen. 

Then later as a mother and a wife it was riding out on the prairie with my Cowboy and our three daughters when they were little girls. The sun was a golden yellow like the prairie. He was wearing this yellow shirt riding a big old yellow horse with our middle daughter behind him and I had the youngest riding on my horse with me and the oldest girl was riding a horse by herself. The whole scene was warm and sunny and peaceful. 

Then at this time of year it’s being the shepherd at the outdoor Christmas Padgent. Looking like an abominable with so many bulky warm clothes on under my costume I was able to, in my imagination, be transported to the real scene those thousands of years ago and kneel in reall awe by the manger in which lied the Saviour of the world. 

But my favorite happy place is one that hasn’t quite happened yet. It’s another imagined so detailed as to be actually real. In one of our church buildings there is a life size picture of Jesus Christ with his arms outstretched just as if he is about to give the onlooker/me a hug. I imagine running to those arms and have them wrap so happily and kindly around me while I cry overwhelmed by his love for me and my gratitude to him. I look forward to that happy place.  



4 responses to “My Happy Place

  1. Awe…what a beautiful outlook Cowgirl! Be sure to ride one of your horses and say hello to mine! God Bless!

  2. Your descriptors make it seem as though I were there too – such beautiful memories.

  3. Those are beautiful memories!
    I keep you in my prayers.

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