Daily Archives: December 24, 2015

Old Dogs and Cowgirls

Saw this on Facebook; hope it’s ok to share it here too. “The Guardian” by Carrie Ballentine. (Love her art)
It reminded me of my old dog. 

An old stray collie came to live with me when I was 5. At 7 I got whooping cough. I’d cough so hard I couldn’t breathe. My old dog layed by my bed almost every minute for two whole months and when I’d start a coughing fit he would run and find someone to help me. I thought that dog saved my life so many times.

Many years later after he had long passed away I was having a hard time and I dreamed he came and put his head on the bed like he used to when I was 7. I woke up with tears streaming down my face.
I realized that old dog had never left me.

  Sick me.