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Bing Bong, Bong Bing

I always remember my mom’s clocks  chiming out the hour, quarter past, half past, and quarter to. I was at the library at 12:00 PM and heard those same chimes. Reminded me of when I was young and lived at home.   

 I must ask someone the history of this it appears to I be partially a ruin with lovely veins grown over. 


Went to the temple in Preston yesterday with a fun South African raised lady from the church I’ve been attending here in the UK. Beautiful building, really nice, uplifting, and warm day. 



this is really the only place that ever felt like home.  



Humidity on the dry prairie is something we pray for and run out and dance in when it rains one a hot dry summer day. Here it’s not quite the same. 

Just to show you how humid it can get here; this in my bedroom. Note the humidity in the room is 75%. 

The solution is dehumidifying with a cool little deal like this. 

It amazing how much water it can pull out of the air in less than an hour. 

Not sure if you can see it but I’d say it was about a cup. 

No wonder everything grows so lusciously here. 


I got real brave and walked into town today to the library and looked in some shops.  They have the cutest clothes on sale right now. I saw a little pink coat with a fur collar I fell in love with. I suppose it’s their winter stock and winter will soon be over here.   
View coming out of the library. They seem to really be into clock towers. There’s more than one in this town. 

 And I’m still absolutely amazed that flowers grow in January here during their winter. 


Just thought this was interesting. 

Apparently these are telephone lines, one going to each house and who knew everyone has a different plug in? 

In Latvia it was just two round ends. I think all the wiring here is 220. Not sure about Europe. 

How I charge my iPad. The differences between countries amaze me. 


It stuck me that sidewalks look quilted here. It takes quite a bit of looking down to make sure one doesn’t fall flat on their face.   

 The hedges seem somewhat patch work as well. So many things growing that I have no idea what they are. 



  I sat a while lookung at this building wondering if the carving in the stone was done on site or made alse where and then erected like a puzzle. 


  The monument still had wreaths around it. 

 The most important building: the library.   


Jan 20, Roses?

Today I saw roses blooming, in January. 

Among other things. 

These were pansies.   
And my favorite, daffodils. 

The hedge smells wonderful. What a place. My mom loved flowers;  she would have loved it here with its roses in January. 

Settling Inn

I’ve been working on settling in for my 3 month stay in the UK, trying to work out a routine for food and sleep, injections and activities. It’s all good to be out of your comfort zone for a few days but a few months sometimes seems daunting to me. 

I often think that anytime you have a problem to figure out  it is a chance to increase your IQ. I learned that from a interview I saw on TV a long time ago. The person who said it had the highest recorded IQ in the world at the time. She said, when asked how one could increase their IQ, to solve puzzles, go new places and try to get lost then figure your way out, that any problem solving would help.  

If that’s true, I’ve got a lot smarter lately or more likely it’s my cousin who is trying so hard to help me settle in.