What a big learning curve for a prairie girl.

So far I figure out:

  1. it takes 9 hours to fly over the ocean to London then I wait 3 hours and make a short connecting flight. (What am I going to do for three hours in one of the biggest airports in the world?  Aaaah!!!)
  2. for an extra $50 per month Telus will let me talk, text, and use my data without the huge roaming costs (YAY! glad I figured that out.)
  3. I will lose a day on my way there and get it back when I come home. (How does that work?)
  4. I can eat Vegan (which I’ve been doing lately anyway).
  5. I get to watch a free movie ( I never get to go to the movies) so I picked “Antman” about a guy who runs with ants instead of wolves (or my case cows).
  6. I need travel insurance and repatriation means sending a dead body home (have to find out more about that even if I’m not planning on coming home that way).
  7. Bags have to be a certain size and I can pack almost another me in weight (well an almost-me when I was younger).
  8. I should put some ID inside my bags (is that in case I lose them? or in case they lose me?)
  9. Lots of bags are the same colour so I need to be able to recognize mine. (Minnie is going to help me with that, hopefully.)  
  10. Roll your clothes when you pack them. (Finally something simple.)

I’m sure there will be a hundred more things which is kind of exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Hard to really believe next week this time I’ll be trying to get over my jet lag.



5 responses to “Learning

  1. Prayers and good thoughts go with you!

  2. I have gone to Germany three times and find the lay overs go very fast, first find the gate for your connecting flight and then find a good seat and do some people watching, usually I find some very nice people that want to visit a bit, walk a little to get the kinks out of your body. Three hours will not be long by the time you go through customs and get settled for the next flight.

  3. I’m sending the more positive of vibes & prayers for you, but also (for heaven’s sake) DO try to have a little fun while you’re over there. 🙂

  4. Exciting times! Take a good book to read- or The Good Book – for your 3 hour layover in London. And take your camera, there should be lots of interesting things/people to photograph! Will be praying for a safe journey, both in your travel and in your treatment.

  5. Safe travels! God heal and blessing to you!

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