Daily Archives: January 11, 2016

Muggle Me

The buildings are quite spectacular.   The roads however are unbelievable. This is two lanes but because people park half on the sidewalk and half on the road there is only room for one car to drive down the road at a time. 
I think I’m not an old cow poke. I’m realy a slow poke. I can’t imagine what France is like if its worse than this. They drive fast, they walk fast, they talk fast (sometimes it barely seems like English to me. I have to listen very closely) but they are polite and kind and have been so helpful you can’t help but love the people here. 

  It’s so different; I feel like it’s a whole other world, like I should be called a muggle soon. 
 But there are flowers blooming in JANUARY. I’ve seen theses daffodils and lots of pansies and some flowers that I didn’t know there names.   Everything is green and birds are singing. I love the UK.