Medical Tourism

The health care workers here, although I was told are often overworked and maybe not as patient are very efficient and so far I have found them very nice. 

The two ladies that ran this machine were very compassionate and kind and knew the healing power in a touch. 

I was delighted to think they thought I was Latvian at first. I think I won them over a bit when I tried to say thankyou in Latvian. The people are more Scandinavian looking and so apperently am I (but only the Danish half of me). 

It seems that because medical procedures are cheaper here many people come as medical tourists. I can understand why. 

There is public and private health care so you can pay for better care if you want. That I suppose, has its disadvantage, in that the rich can then afford better care than the average person. 
I asked what minimum wage was here. They told me that most people are paid by the month and that it would be about equivalent to $525. That means that my hotel stay while I am here would be about 2/3s of someone’s monthly income. Puts things into a perspective I never imagined. 


One response to “Medical Tourism

  1. What is that? An MRI machine? I’m very curious about your treatment, I hope you share some stories about it.

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