My Last Night in Riga

i am sad to be leaving this beautiful city. I did want to go to the opera theatre where they have world class ballet and opera. I have always loved ballet, opera not so much but the experience would have been once in a lifetime. Just not enough energy to do I wanted. 

 This monument was beautiful. Someone told me many people tried to move or destroy or get rid of her but the she still stands as a monument to liberty like another lady on another continent. 
  I’m sure the fountain is beautiful when it’s not so wintery.  
This was the side door of this church. How pretty is that? And right beside it in a little park was a covered skating arena and there is a charming canal that looks abandoned right now but I’m sure is wonderful in the summer. 

I went to 26th floor of a large hotel and watched the sunset over Riga as I ate my super. I will miss this beautiful healing city. 



3 responses to “My Last Night in Riga

  1. If that’s the side door, the main entrance must be spectacular! What a lovely photo.

  2. Sure a pretty place would be neat to see. Do you go back there again later?

  3. How blessed you are to be enjoying your journey. God Bless!

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