Daily Archives: January 20, 2016

Jan 20, Roses?

Today I saw roses blooming, in January. 

Among other things. 

These were pansies.   
And my favorite, daffodils. 

The hedge smells wonderful. What a place. My mom loved flowers;  she would have loved it here with its roses in January. 


Settling Inn

I’ve been working on settling in for my 3 month stay in the UK, trying to work out a routine for food and sleep, injections and activities. It’s all good to be out of your comfort zone for a few days but a few months sometimes seems daunting to me. 

I often think that anytime you have a problem to figure out  it is a chance to increase your IQ. I learned that from a interview I saw on TV a long time ago. The person who said it had the highest recorded IQ in the world at the time. She said, when asked how one could increase their IQ, to solve puzzles, go new places and try to get lost then figure your way out, that any problem solving would help.  

If that’s true, I’ve got a lot smarter lately or more likely it’s my cousin who is trying so hard to help me settle in.