I know very little about Quark except that I like it and kephir. I mix them both with flax seed oil and slice in some apple and tasty it up with cinnamon. 

When I was searching for alternative therapies for cancer I found the Budwig Protocol which was mainly flax seed oil and quark. I was already a big flax seed oil lover so I thought: I wouldn’t mind trying this.

Flax seed oil isn’t really easy to digest on its own but when mixed with a milk protein it becomes water soluable and a lot easier on the digestion. 

The bennifit for me, whatever else it does is help me think much clearer. Between that and juicing I swear it’s like taking a smart pill. 


5 responses to “Quark

  1. I make milk kefir and also water kefir. They are both probiotic and very healthy. Milk kefir is very simple to make and has many times the beneficial bacteria of yogurt. I googled Quark and it says it is similar to cream cheese. Kefir seems much healthier…if that’s what you are going for. I am in awe of your persistence and while I never comment, am praying for you also.

  2. Never heard of quark. Now I’ll have to google it.

  3. I added your name to our ladies prayer and bible study group. Hope you don’t mind, if you do I can take it of next week.

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