Pondering Latvia

I have had sometime to step back and ponder my experience in Latvia. I was afraid that I would leave a little part of my heart there but now I realize it won more than just a little part and that I have carried and will carry Latvia with me wherever I go. 

I can’t explain to anyone a logical reason that my heart has been so touched; it has to do with the people I met there and the soft echo of prayers by Latvians, long past, that I experienced in St Peter’s Church in Riga.  What a priveledge, maybe a reward for my own type of courage. It did take ever ounce of courage an old cowgirl, who is more comfortable with cattle than people, could muster to step on that plane in Canada, fly over an ocean, to a country I knew so little about for a treatment only I seemed to have heard of. 

It should be no surprise to the world that an effective kinder cancer treatment has come from this tiny often oppressed nation. Whatever suffering they have been through has made them people worthy of great admiration and the best of the Lords blessings. I smile when I think of them; they seem so efficient maybe even distant in a way but if you really look, you see that their kindness runs so deep. I think I will owe them my life, my physical life and my spiritual life because of the awakening I felt there. 

Maybe in this Ted Talk by their President, who grew up partly in Canada, you can see in a small part what I am trying to say.  She is just as lovely as all the Latvian people I met there. 

Click here: The Latvian Identity: Vaira Vike Freiberga at TEDxRiga
Published on Aug 28, 2013Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga is a Latvian social and political activist, a scientist, a professor and an honorary doctor in several universities. After returning from exile in Canada, Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga took charge of the Latvian Institute where she worked until becoming the president of Latvia. Her talk is about the Latvian Identity that has led her across six different countries on three continents with five different languages till she returned back and became the president of Latvia in spite she left Latvia at the age of 6 and returned only at the age of 60.



One response to “Pondering Latvia

  1. I love your stories. They touch my heart! God Bless you and speedy recovery and return to your family!!! I keep you in my prayers! You need to come home healed and get back on that horse of yours!

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