Show Juming

Finaly, smells and sounds I know but lots that was new too, like how they haul horses.  

Not many trailers and the trailers they have are pulled by cars. Instead the have these horse boxes. And it doesn’t appear that the horses ride angled like ours do either. But then none of their roads are straight either.

There was a portable tac shop that pretty much had anything a person could need, except saddles. Smelled deliciously of leather, my favorite smell after the smell of horses. 

A very nice indoor space with a small warm up area next door. I was glad to be inside because it was a very wet day today. 

Got cold enough toes, as it was, to sit in the huge cafeteria and watched through the glass. Bad for pictures. 

 All these riders were walking the route befor their class. They were counting strides which my cousin thought might be four of our steps per horse stride. I counted someone’s steps between a combination and it looked like 8 steps so that would be two horse strides which seemed reasonable. All seemed to take this very seriously.  

 The arena was groomed well between each class as was the warm up arena. He went pretty fast as you can see from the blurr. 

And of course the bulletin board had a horse posted for sale. Looked like a nice pony. Keep in mind it takes about $2 Canadian dollars to buy an English pound (£).  They don’t use euros (€) here in the UK.  

Then we ate out on the way home. I’m so clueless I thought we were going to a very odd butcher shop when my cousin mentioned a cuttery. lol. He thinks I should have brought my youngest daughter (who he has such fond memories of) because she ‘caught on fast’. Me not so much. Itis all such a foreign experience to me except for the horses; that, I know and love. 


5 responses to “Show Juming

  1. How cool to see some horses, even if they are doing different things 🙂 And a pony for sale some things are the same everywhere

  2. Getting to spend a horsey day was no doubt good for your soul.

  3. When we were in Germany we saw very small cars pulling horse trailers, I do not remember seeing a pick up pulling one, only cars that looked like they were not big enough to pull anything. Glad you got to experience the horse show. I am sure it did you good just to be that close to a horse.

  4. Hey that’s great- nothing like horses and leather to make you feel at home. I hope you get to see some races while you are there, but it’s probably too early in the season. Steeplechase would be cool to watch.

  5. You got to be around horses! Wonderful! I enjoyed the pictures and love that pony.She is just my size!

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