Went for groceries to Tesco. 

I found myself asking what the heck is Heck?

This was one of the alcohol aisles. Ther were three of them with alcoholic beverages on both sides. 

Keep in mind it’s over two dollars Canadian to one £ pound so that made the Budweiser over $24 per case. Not sure what it costs in Canada because I don’t buy beer. 

Anyway. I was after real food and came home with a couple of weeks worth. I won’t be starving anytime soon. 


3 responses to “Groceries 

  1. What do you do with all the celery? That looks like a basket of healthy food

  2. You are eating good and feeling good so you are doing everything right! Keep up the good work and you will be home and healthy and back on that horse before you know it!!! God Bless!

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