The Mystery Trip

My cousin was all secretive about where he was taking me today, Saturday. He called it a mystery trip. We drove somewhere (I am always lost here and drove into a yard with some people riding down the lab on horseback. I thought yay! horses. 

He asked if I had any idea where I was. No clue. 

Then I saw this. 

Yes, a castle. With all these people hanging around on the massive lawn. 

Non of it registering as to what is actually going on, until I saw the dogs and red jackets. 

 Can you figure it out? My cousin (who I swear knows everyone in England) has somehow taken me to a hunt with hounds and all in an estate with a small castle. 

I’m thinking, what’s wrong with this picture? Then I thought, no couldn’t be. But yes, it definitely was two of these ladies actual riding (not just riding but soon to be jumping fences) sidesaddle. 

 I asked and she very graciously allowed me to take her picture ( with her glass of red wine in her hand). Yes, they were passing out wine and small sausage rolls to whoever would like them. 

Before the horn blew and the all headed off after the hounds they had a moment of silence for the dowager who had passed away just before Christmas. She apparently lived in that castle alone.  

I had to look up what a dowager was: A dowager is a widow who holds a title or property—a “dower”—derived from her deceased husband. As an adjective, dowager usually appears in association with monarchical and aristocratic titles.

You all know me I was wishing I had a horse under me, even though I’ve never cleared a jump in my life, so I could have rode off with them but it was still awesome just to witness something that I was pretty sure didn’t happen anymore. 

I can hardly believe I get to do the coolest things. 


3 responses to “The Mystery Trip

  1. That is so cool! What a treat for you to see that. Look at where that lady’s toe is in the stirrup- I’m sure it’s proper form , but if it was me, I’d lose that stirrup at first jump!

  2. How very English to be riding sidesaddle in a hunt with a glass of wine. But super cool to see too 🙂

  3. What a nice surprise and an amazing day you had! This is so wonderful and I know everyone is enjoying your journey right along with you! God Bless!

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