Cows And Cottages

Seeing any cattle has been rare for me here so I asked my cousin to stop so I could take pictures of these. 

The bull looked like quite a character and a very happy one at that. They were not far from this lovely little thatched cottage that I could see myself living in (if it was in Wales). 


I understand that you can still get your roof thatched here but the staw they use comes from somewhere like Bulgaria or Romania. I suspect it would be flax straw. That stuff is tough as iron when you’re trying to combine flax. Getting fax seed oil isn’t easy here either which I suspect is because flax isn’t grown here much, if at all. 

Some buildings have slate roofs from quarries in the UK but they are rarer and the slate roofs to build now are very expensive. Clay tile is the most common. 

It is just so wet that the buildings themselves have very little wood and the ones I see are mainly made of red brick. 


3 responses to “Cows And Cottages

  1. That is a very cute cottage, don’t think I would like living there with mud all year round

  2. Wow wouldn’t want to get any of those cattle annoyed! That cottage is so very cute, yes I could live in it too. I sure hope you get to take a trip to Wales.

  3. Love the pictures! I could live there too! Happy Valentine’s Day Cowgirl! God Bless!

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