tonight I went with my cousin (who is a very good photographer) to a phtography competition at Keele University about 1/2 hour away. 

I thought maybe I shouldn’t take photos of the photos but I took one of people looking at the photos. Lots of discussion and networking going on. I picked out 5 favorites and my cousin’s was one of them, an awesome horse jumping photo. 

They served wine and orange juice and water. And gave prize money for first second and third. Top prize money I think was £300 ($600) which is nothing to sneeze at. It all felt familiar like when I studied art at University close to 40 years ago.

A fun evening. 

2 responses to “Photography

  1. Thats pretty neat!

  2. Good you enjoyed your day. You always seem to find “horse” somewhere! That is something I would do too! God Bless!

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