A Rainy Day in the UK

It is a familiar story here, rain, that is. But today my cousin took me to a place that has, I think it was, 7 buildings full of  antique for sale. Lots of pretty things but I find I’m not so much into stuff anymore. My cousin found a very comfortable wooden captain’s chair he would like to replace his uncomfortable desk chair with. 

But the real highlight was a trip to one of his favorite places. He has many fond memories in this cemetery of dog walking and teaching his niece to read and do numbers from inscriptions on the headstones and playing with her in the fall leaves. His mom and dad are buried just behind this structure which was a whole church at one time. 

So many clocks on towers here.  

This was the backside of the tower

  It was an old and rather wild place
They run sheep in it to keep down the grass, thus the gate.  

Some of the stones were quite remarkable and looked like the people buried there had long and very interesting lives. 

It was next to this field where a lady was walking a husky type dog and not far from the horse yard where my cousin does horse chores for his niece once a week. 

Then we had super at one of my favorite places to eat. 

   All in all it was a nice way to spend a rainy day.


2 responses to “A Rainy Day in the UK

  1. Lovely old pictures. The grass is so green! Enjoy. Your cousin sounds amazing and is loving having you to show around and you are in a place of healing! God Bless!

  2. I love to visit graveyards. So many stories of so many souls!
    I love all the colours in the stonework on the tower- caused, I’m sure by the dampness.

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