The Horse Yard

After church today we stopped round the horse yard.  

  If you look in the far distance in this picture you will see the tower of the cemetery I went to the other day. 

Each person has a grass paddock and a stall. They move their horses out of the stall to the paddock every morning and back to the stall each evening. Each person does all their own chores including picking manure in their paddocks. 

That’s Indie watching my cousin pick out her paddock. 

The tools he uses to do that. 

I was thinking I’ve never seen a half post nor rails split like this and wood isn’t my first choice because of the cribbing issues some horses have. 

This structure really interested me. It is part of a legal footpath that the public can use to walk right through the paddocks. This area has tons of public walking paths. Not sure I would want someone wandering through a paddock my horse was in but at the same time I would welcome the opportunity to walk in the country myself. 

I liked how some of the stalls were set up looking into a riding arena. No indoor arena here. And there was more than one arena. One had some rather curious footing that my cousin said was recycled carpet. It looked like shaving sized pieces of rubber carpet backing to me. 

The stalls were nice and they don’t use shavings rather wood pellets over rubber mats.  
As you can see it was rather wet and muddy and if you look closer at the last stucture you will see the outdoor hose and someone washing off their horses legs before they put them in the stalls for the night.  Although it rains a good deal they obviously don’t have to deal with the frigid temperatures we do in Canada. 

It’s alway interesting to me to see how other people do things. The folks there would probably be shocked to see how we mange our horses on the Canadian prairie. We always tried to leave then as close to natural as we could but not everyone has that luxury.   

5 responses to “The Horse Yard

  1. Very interesting to see how they built the stile; I think I like that better than the V shaped walk-through gates we make here. No chance of a foal getting stuck.

  2. Very nice! Very interesting. FYI I use wood pellets bought at Tractor Supply. It cleans up like kitty liter. Have a good day and God Bless!

  3. I always think its neat the way others do stuff too. Odd about the walking trails but thoughtful to build a step so no one has to open a gate.

  4. In the first picture is that a padlock for one horse or for that row of stalls? It looks really big

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