They were selling flowers on the street downtown to day. 

And the planters in front of the stores are full and blooming. It was a sunny day finally and they looked so bright and cheerful. 

I keep going in this one store and looking at this little pink coat in my size. Isn’t it the cutest. 

Today I was dreaming of my cowboy meeting me at the airport when I come home and me looking all cosmopolitan and spiffy dressed. The truth is after 9 hours on a plane I would probably look tired and messy from sleeping in my clothes anyway. But hey, a girl can dream. 


5 responses to “Flowers

  1. You sure would look pretty spiffy in that coat!

  2. I say get the coat. You’ll not find another one like it here.

  3. The best part of going away, is coming home again.

  4. You should get that coat! Your cowboy will be so happy to see you and you will look totally renewed! Enjoy your day and I hope you will be back where you want to be soon! God Bless! PS: flowers look delightful. Spring isn’t far away!

  5. Ya always made me laugh those fancy clothes people got for travelling. Be better off to change after the flight

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