Tac Store

A friend of my cousin’s, Carol, has this lovely tack store in Nantwich. 

Upstairs was all blankets or rugs as they call them  I loved this one with the horses on it. 

 I noticed the jumpers that day I went to the jumping show with this kind of pad under there jumping saddles. 

And these I’ve never seen before coming to England. A person puts this kind of blanket on when you are warming up your horse. Kind of a back of the horse 1/2 blanket. It velcroes together in front of the rider and then wraps around them and sits on the rump of the horse. 

  Not too often I see a bit I’ve never seen before but this one was a new one on me.  Kind of like a chain bit but with balls. Weird. 
I noticed the jumping horses have these on their heels and realized they screw them into their shoes when I saw this set. Lots of these there. 

I thought these boots were interesting cause they had places on the sides to keep the spur straps from riding up.   

I was surprised at all the colors of breaches. 


So I didn’t see saddles but they had tons of other stuff, all English type things including feed and we had a lovely visit as well. I love tack stores. 


4 responses to “Tac Store

  1. I hope you get a chance to ride while you are there!

  2. Very interesting! I love tack stores too. Not much into English but anything horse is OK with me! You sound like you are doing very well. I pray for you. God Bless!

  3. Being from AB, I was used to stepping into 1 of 5 or 6 tack shops with a full selection of Western gear, clothes, tack, saddles, etc. – from as sedate & functional to as blingy & fashionable as a cowgirl could ask. Here in MB there are 2 tack shops in the city & a small one on the way home…. almost everything stately & English. I still look, but it is not really fun like it used to be. Online is the only pretty Western stuff I’ve seen (other than when I go home to visit).

    • I always kind of wanted to ride English but never had a horse like that. Just these working gelding. If I lived where it was popular I’d do it and see what I could learn. I fancy that side saddle riding too. That was just way too cool.

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