Well, I can certainly say this about England: there is no shorter of old ornate very old churches. This is the St. Mary’s in Natwich (means ‘vale of salt’ from Roman times) and although they started building it in 1286 it wasn’t finished till 1390 because somewhere in there (1349-1369) it got interrupted by the Black Death plague. That must have been a very horrible time. What the walls of this church could tell you if they could talk. 

Made out of that same red sandstone. If you really looked close you could see how time and weather has worn it away on the outside.

Thespian porch or front door, above is where these interesting heads greet you outside. 

I’m thinking possibly some King and   Queen. 

  The floor plan even looks like a cross. 

  Although there was some work being done this gentleman invited us in and showed us proudly around. He was quite disappointed I wasn’t seeing it with all it needlework which was being stored due to the dust of construction activities.  

I just marvel at all the stained glass windows I’ve seen. They are like beautiful jewels with the sun shining through them and so detailed. 

This pulpit dates from 1601, the Elizabethan period.  

There was an older stone one dating from the 14th century shaped like a chalice.  

 Looking up was beautiful as was looking down.  

 That alter has an inscription from its donation in 1638 and probably was old then. The carved figures above relate to the crucifixion, the Virgin Mary, and St John along with the four patron saints of the UK: St.s George, Andrew, Patrick, and David (St. David is the Welsh one. Every first of March is St David’s Day or Dydd Dewi Sant).  

I am always surprised to see people living so long in the past.  

 Now for the fun stuff. I had this parsons nose pointed out to me. Obviously someone didn’t like the parson

The chairs were my favorite. This chair company started from very humble beginnings when they were poor as church mice. So on every chair they carved a little mouse. 

How fun is that?


3 responses to “Churches

  1. Everything so majestic, but oh those little mice on the chairlegs, so cute & shows a wonderful sense of humour!

  2. I’m so glad you ae sharing these magnificent pictures. Love the little mouse, too. God Bless!

  3. I must admit I love visiting churches, especially ones which have such amazing architecture. The builders may live in plain houses, but when they build a house for God, they make it as beautiful as they can- and rightly so. Love the little mouses!
    Churches were always built in the shape of a Cross until modern times.

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