Laura Asley

My favorite picture of her. 

I don’t know if you know who Laura Ashley is. I didn’t really but I knew her style, I thought, and loved it for many years. I first saw her name in a wallpaper book and then on some fabric at the fabric store. I loved the femininity of it and imagined the designer a petite elegant lady from France or some where not a kind Welsh woman who loved simplicity and work. 

This is her headstone in the churchyard in Carno where I have family buried. And my lovely cousin was one of the first five people who worked for her when she first started her business in this little Mid Wales town.  

 I was struck by how plain and unpretentious her headstone was. No fancy details no foofurah. My cousin said that’s what she was like, just a very nice person who didn’t care if she had mud on the bottom of her skirt. 

She’s gone now but the company lives on. The factory is no longer in Carno but it thrives in nearby Newtown in Wales where it currently produces paint, wallpaper, and made to measure curtains. 

Click here to see the style I love.

 In fact, I think she would have approved of my home sewn wedding dress with her love of all things Victorian. Welsh girls her and I with things in common. 



One response to “Laura Asley

  1. JoAnn Marshall

    Beautiful! God Bless!

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