Wood Warm Stove

Best wood burning stove I’ve ever seen and it heats all the water for the house plus the radiant heaters if I understand it correctly. Plus who needs TV in the evening when you can visit with family in front of a lovely fire? I was definitely impressed. 

I found the English company on line. Click here to see the link.

It’s sitting on a slate slab which probably only happens in Wales or maybe the UK. It seemed really efficient besides. Maybe I missed it but my cousin didn’t seem to have to put a lot of wood in it. 

I actually really liked the shape of the canopy on the top. It’s what they call a mutifuel stove since you can burn wood or coal in it. Apparently now they are saying that a tree releases as much carbon rotting in the forest as it does burning in your stove. 

Wish I could bring one home with me. 


2 responses to “Wood Warm Stove

  1. Looks like there are plenty of interesting antiques there as well as the neat stove. Love wood heat.

  2. JoAnn Marshall

    I like it. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a beautiful evening. God Bless always!

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